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Then Officer Kim Potter had accidentally shot and wounded Duante Wright in what was supposed to be a standard arrest warrant serve. They had stopped and pulled Duante over to the side of the road to execute the arrest warrant. They were then going to put him into handcuffs when he started to resist arrest.


It was then Officer Potter had pulled her sidearm, yelling taser, and discharging her sidearm.


That's what really happened. It doesn't excuse her mistake, but I think that it was an honest one. Many police officers are overworked. This is a fine example of what happens when you don't have enough police on the frontlines and you defund the police. You can see more details in the article I have the link to below. The major media outlets outright lied (or made something up and just ran with it) to the public on this one.


That kind of reporting cannot be excused especially when it causes riots, property damage, and people's reputations to ultimately be smeared.