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People have a hard time understanding what Nazis, Fascism, Communism, Republicans, Democrats, etc. Really are in today's age. In this article, I will tell you what they were, and what they are today. First, let's start out with the whole left and the right people keep going on about. This comes from the French when they overthrew their monarchy after one of their revolutions, they had the progressives sit to the left of their "King" and the conservatives sit to the right of the king.


Next, the left in America has just about always been the more progressive side of the political spectrum (when it comes to the negative things). If you go into the congressional records, you'll see that it was the Republicans that pushed to free the Slaves (The Republican Party was founded on freedom for all, even the slaves), the Republicans pushed for the rights of blacks to vote, they even pushed for the rights of women to vote. The Democrats, on the other hand, were always on the exact opposite side.


As time progressed the further left the Democrats radicalized. Until you have what you see today. Let's move on. What is a Nazi? Well, Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers' Party. They were classists, and regardless of what the left may think or say, the Nazis were socialists. Even a friend of mine that immigrated from the former USSR when it was still the USSR told me they were Socialists.


The socialists believe in government-controlled businesses, government income to every person, every person gets housing (but it belongs to the government, that everyone pays for), everyone gets medical (paid for by everyone), 80-90% income tax rates, everyone wears the same kind of clothes (except the rich and powerful), and you do EXACTLY what the government says. Or you disappear.


What is a Fascist? A Fascist is the same thing as the socialist BUT, the businessmen stay in control of the businesses, and it's a police state. Like what you're seeing/saw with the SARS-COVID lockdowns.


What is a communist? A Communist is the same thing as a socialist but add: the borders being closed (no one leaves or comes in), eliminate money, and everyone works for free.


Going to the right side of the political spectrum, we have the Republicans. They support bailouts of businesses and banks, welfare, debt, etc. They support lots of regulation as well. But they also support Liberty, Freedom, our Constitution, and the American Way.


Then we have the "Conservatives" there are different types of Conservatives. The fiscal Conservative, the Constitutional Conservative, etc.


Last but not least there are the Libertarians. They have a live and let live attitude, and aren't really left or right on the political spectrum. They do support the Constitution, so they always lean right. The left stole the liberal name from the Libertarians. They don't want big government, they support free enterprise, and they want accountability from our government.